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Overindulging at Christmas

During the festive season our good diets tend to go out the window and be replaced by over indulgence in food and alcohol leaving us feeling bloated, sluggish and slightly heavier. To avoid these symptoms but still have fun and enjoy some treats you just need to get the balance right.

Follow Nutritio’s top tips for avoiding bloating, lethargy and too much weight gain this Christmas:

1. Get the balance right on your Christmas dinner plate: Turkey is a low fat and highly nutritious option, it boosts our mood because it contains Tryptophan so it is a great choice meat. Potatoes will fill you up and increase gas so limit the number you have on your plate and choose bigger ones because they will have absorbed less fat than small ones. Pile your plate with plenty of green, purple or orange vegetables. Overall 3/4 of your meal should be made up of Turkey and vegetables and the remainder can be roast potatoes and sauces.
2. Avoid fizzy drinks, they will bloat you and make it harder to digest your meal. Try to have one glass of water for every glass of alcohol and avoid drinking too much whilst you are eating your main meal.
3. Have a good breakfast to avoid pre Christmas lunch snacking on nuts, crisps and dips! Poached egg and smoked salmon with wholemeal toast is a great option.
4. In the days before and after Christmas day include salmon and lots of green vegetables in your diet to help your body break down toxins.
5. Taking a digestive enzyme before big meals can help make digestion more comfortable.
6. If you want to snack whilst watching films and all the Christmas TV then try making some homemade popcorn, it is easy to do and a lower fat option than crisps. Experiment with different flavours, my favourite is parmesan and avocado, just stir the ingredients in to the fresh hot popcorn and enjoy! For something sweeter try cinnamon and agave syrup.
7. On the days off between big family meals and friends get togethers opt for light meals and try and avoid alcohol, this will leave you feeling lighter and less guilty about indulging on the other days!

New year detox programme

If after all this you still gain and few pounds and energy levels are low then try the Nutritio 14-day detox, it will have you feeling healthy, brighter and lighter and fitting into your favourite jeans. For all our blog readers we are offering a special 15% discount off the Nutritio premium detox box between December 30th 2011 and January 6th 2012, just add ‘New year’ to the promo box at check out.

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