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Like pretty much everyone else I know we got the Jamie 30 min dinners recipe book for Christmas and have slowly been working our way through the recipes. Without exception every meal has been very good. In particular the Sea bass and cod meals were gorgeous. I love the variety in the meal options and they way dishes have been combined is very clever and makes it easy to follow. However, 30 minutes is pushing it even if you have all your ingredients ready and prepped! But I don’t mind too much, I think his point is true that you don’t need hours to make delicious and relatively healthy meals everyday and I hope this book is encouraging many people to try new foods.

As a nutritionist I have been thinking about just how healthy the meals are in this book and conclude that if you had all the courses from each set everyday you would most definitely gain a little weight. All the ingredients are fresh and healthy and the book will certainly ensure you eat a greater variety of foods. I would suggest skipping the deserts except on special occasions or maybe weekends and also be careful of the portion sizes.

Thank you Jamie for some more inspiration for new dinners.

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