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How does Nutritio work

Nutritio works with individual clients to design bespoke nutritional programmes to address specific needs.  Each programme will vary but will be built on the same basic principles of analysing diet, personal history and lifestyle .  In your first consultation, Joanna Lyall, our therapist, will take you through a detailed health and medical history.  She will ask you questions about your goals, previous illness, digestion, hormones, immunity, sleep, stress, lifestyle and current diet.  After listening to you she will then design a plan to help address any deficiencies and to help you achieve your goals.  The plan is broken down into diet, supplements, lifestyle and then any further testing recommendations.

Building a nutrition plan

The diet plan is designed to help you achieve fast results and also long term change.  At Nutritio we don’t focus on ‘diets’ or ‘fads’, instead we look to educate all our clients on a new approach to food that leaves them empowered to make the right diet choices in the long term.  In most cases the diet plan will consist of three meals a day with two snacks.  Joanna will often recommend the principles of a low GI diet which means the body is more able to achieve balanced energy because blood sugar is more even throughout the day.  She will look to assess if your current intake of key nutrients such as protein, essential fats, antioxidants and fibre can be improved.

The supplement plan is there to help deliver results faster and achieve improvements that diet alone would struggle to meet.  Depending on the condition or state of health the length of time required to stay on the supplement programme will vary but in all cases we look to see some improvement in the first 4 weeks.  Joanna will ideally want to review your progress after a month and then at regular intervals until you meet your goals.  In our experience the results that the right supplement programme can achieve is remarkable and for most clients the speed of change is very motivating.  Joanna will always recommend professional brands that have been tried and tested, they may be more expensive than some own brands you find in high street stores but the quality and effects justify the investment.  Joanna will only recommend those supplements she sees as essential for your progress.

Lifestyle, as a naturopathic nutritionist Joanna is trained to consider the whole picture when working with her clients and will often make recommendations on changes that you make to help meet you health goals.  For example she may discuss exercise, stress management, emotional health and sleep.  Sometimes it is these factors that stop a client from making fast progress.  There is only so much diet and supplements can achieve if your lifestyle is a major factor in your state of health.  Joanna does refer some of her clients for further diagnostic testing, this could be to test many things such adrenal health, stools, nutrition status and intolerance’s.  Diagnostic testing allows Joanna to understand more about your health so that she can give you an even more bespoke recommendation that often solves your health issues faster.

Building an ongoing relationship

In between appointments Joanna will support her clients via email to address any questions or concerns that arise.  Typically she will see her clients three-four times over the course of five months.  Sometimes this is longer if she is working with pregnancy or a long term condition.  Many clients come back after a year or two for a health MOT and general check that their diet is still optimal for them.  Nutrition is a tool for life so even if you are feeling well why not have a check up to see if you can feel even better.

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