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Why Sophie wanted to try Nutritional Therapy

Sophie came to Nutritio to see how changing her diet could help improve the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis.  Her health had deteriorated after years of Crohns and 12 months of IC.  Her immune system and energy were low.  She had tried many restrictive diets that had reduced her variety of foods so much that she wasn’t getting the essential nutrients she needed to get better.

Sophie’s testimonial on working with Nutritio

I have been diagnosed with Crohns and Interstitial Cystitis in the last 7 years and turned to Jo after a particularly difficult 12 months. My immune system was very weak and I felt poorly on a daily basis. Whilst I often turn to natural approaches for my health that run alongside my medication I have to be very careful not to take anything that can have an adverse reaction to. Jo not only put together a program that boost my immune system, made me feel 80-90% better within 3-4 months but she really worked around the sensitivities of my body & didn’t make me feel stupid for being nervous or asking a million questions. She was definitely there for me, which, I believe is very important from your practitioner. I couldn’t recommend her enough! thanks Sophie

How Nutritio built a Nutritional Therapy plan for Sophie

Nutritio designed a programme for Sophie that focused on reducing inflammation, nourishing her kidneys and bladder and balancing bacteria levels. After a series of tests we identified some key bacteria that may have been contributing to her condition and with a targeted supplement plan we were able to bring her gut bacteria towards a more optimum level. With Sophie’s history of Crohns her diet had become very limited and she was sensitive to many different foods. We introduced new foods slowly and focused on increasing protein levels to improver her energy and ability to heal. People with IC tend to have a very acidic internal environment and we have been working with green foods and Spirulina to alkalise her system. Within a few months Sophie reported increased energy, ability to exercise without pain and was able to enjoy a broader range of foods than she has for a long time.

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