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Vitamin D has been receiving a lot of press recently and it is estimated that 45% of us have deficient levels (40nmol/L) and 75% do not have optimal levels (75nmol/L).  The majority of our Vitamin D comes from sunlight with only minimal amounts being available in food, most significantly oily fish.  The problem is that living in UK most us don’t get enough sunlight.  In order to produce Vitamin D in our bodies we need to be exposed to summer sunlight between 11-3pm without any sun-factor.  With cloud cover and pollution it becomes even harder to produce.  Vitamin D is most often associated with bone health but in fact it plays a major role in many other chronic conditions such as muscle weakness, cancer, depression, immunity, cardiovascular health and autoimmune disease.  If you are concerned you can get your vitamin D levels checked by your GP.

Nutritio does sometimes recommend vitamin D3 taken as a supplement so some of our clients.

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