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Exercising during pregnancy

In my previous pregnancy posts I talked about feeling nervous about which sort of exercise would be best for both me and my baby. After about week 16 I started to feel much more energetic and buy week 20 I really wanted to include more exercise into my week. Research shows that expectant mothers who exercise during pregnancy can have better labours and healthier babies. It makes sense to me that the fitter you are the better you will cope with the demands of labour and have a faster recovery afterwards, I spent some time researching all the options that would be local to me in Wandsworth Common and I came across Maternally Fit. When I read about their approach I really liked that fact that they specialised in pregnancy exercise and that the classes were run by Physiotherapists who specialise in pregnancy. I also liked the idea that the classes include both cardio and toning.

Maternally Fit, my first class

Maternally Fit will offer you your first class for free which shows a real confidence in their product and I have to say I was really impressed. The class had the right balance of being challenging enough without being too tiring. I can definitely see how doing it regularly will increase fitness and tone. The whole class is conducted around an exercise ball that you sit on whilst doing the exercises. The balls are great for posture and often recommended to pregnant women to use at home to strengthen back muscles, pelvic floor and then for using during labour. You use light hand weights for the arm exercises and the floor and wall for some of the thigh and butt toners. The teacher also took some time to focus on the all important pelvic floor. After the class I felt energised and happy. I would really recommend Maternally Fit to anyone who wants to stay fit whilst they are pregnant.

I have signed up and plan to go weekly between now and when I am due. It is also a good option for post natal exercise to ease you safely and gently back towards your pre pregnancy body. My next pregnancy exercise post will be about pilates and pregnancy.

Nutrition and exercise

When you are exercising it is very important to stay hydrated so make sure that you drink water before during and after. It is also important that you have eaten something before you exercise. I would suggest eating either a light meal 1-2 hours before or snack about 40mins-1 hour before. You may also feel hungry afterwards so have something on hand. I recommend Nakd snack bars, they come in a variety of flavours and are easy to keep in your handbag for snacking on the go. If you are home then make a smoothie or have a snack of oat cakes and hummus or oatcakes and avocado.

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