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Linda and Katie wanted to kick start their health in 2012

Linda and Katie are mother and daughter and they both wanted to increase their energy, lose weight and feel great. They signed up for the Nutritio 14-Day detox in a box package. Linda is a busy grandmother and Katie a mother of two running a small business.

Their testimonial on the 14-day detox

Linda: I have completed my second 14 day cycle of the detox plan and will now move onto the maintenance
phase. I am very pleased with the detox plan and feel it has put me on the right path to continue to eat properly . My skin is now much better. Overall I have lost 8 lbs and approximately 3 inches on each measurement. I have enjoyed the juices and smoothies and learnt a lot about how to combine different foods to produce a nutrious meal.

Katie: As you know I have been really thrilled with the results achieved by the detox.

The main things I have noticed are: clearer skin, stable energy levels all day long, weight loss and most interestingly a change in my body shape never achieved by the gym – I have lost weight in problem areas I thought I could never shift weight from.

I am now into the maintenance plan and continuing with the spirulina and acidophilus each day.

I found the plan easy to do and most importantly once the 14 days finished I have not wanted to return to old eating habits as I have been enjoying the new menus so much. My husband is enjoying them with me in the evening too.

Thanks again for helping Mum and I to do it.

If you want to know more about how the 14-day detox can help you please get in touch.


    I highly recommend Jo’s detox plan. It has been truely inspiring and dare I say it life changing ! I now have my own juicer and James and I enjoy a different juice each day. Our evening meals have become a health fest of delicious, home cooked meals – no more ready meals for us and most importantly we are enjoying our food and how we look and feel.

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