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Blooming and energetic

You should find that your energy levels start to return to normal and for some people they feel even more energetic than they did before pregnancy. I found that by week 19 I was feeling a lot better. Your bump should start to expand now and you may find that certain days you feel hungrier as your baby goes through a growth spurt, so just listen to your body and eat what you need within reason! For most people any nausea should now have subsided, I found that by week 19 it had gone and I could enjoy my evenings again.

Nutrition during pregnancy: The Second Trimester

The second trimester of pregnancy should be the best of all, your bump is showing, your energy is up and your appetite may have returned to normal. Despite all the growth you don’t need to eat for two at this stage and if you want to avoid excessive weight gain then really try to listen to your body and stick to 3 meals and 2 snacks a day. During this trimester there are some common side effects which can be alleviated through nutrition such as anaemia,heartburn and constipation. If your Doctor or Midwife tells you that your iron levels are low you may want to consider trying Spatone which is a natural iron supplement which has great absorption and does not cause constipation. From personal experience I found Spatone really helped increase my energy levels. If you want to check your diet try this online quiz that I produced with Nelsons Natural care.

Top tips for good nutrition during the second trimester:

1. Calcium and Magnesium are needed to form strong bones and teeth as well as nerve and muscle function so include almonds, sardines, sesame seeds, dark green vegetables and cheese in your diet.
2. Vitamin D levels have been found to be very important during pregnancy to help prevent post natal depression and improve calcium absorption. I usually recommend that my clients take a supplement during pregnancy.
3. Treat yourself to a bedtime hot cocoa, make it with skimmed organic milk and cocoa. It will fill you up, relax you and boost your calcium levels.
4. Stay hydrated, during pregnancy you need even more water than usual so keep track of how much you are drinking and aim for 2 litres a day. I find having a bottle really helps keep on top of it and I really like Bobble bottles which filter water as you drink and do not leach chemicals into the water from the plastic.
5. Continue taking your folic acid or ideally a pregnancy multi throughout the rest of your pregnancy. Folate helps with hormones, energy and development of your baby’s nervous system.
6. Snack, morning and afternoon to keep blood sugar levels balanced which will allow you to maintain more constant energy levels. Make sure each snack has a good protein source such as nuts, seeds or hummus.
7. If you get heartburn try to reduce your portion sizes, avoid drinking at meal times, avoid spicy foods and add an extra pillow at night.
8. Include whole grains such as rye, brown rice and oatcakes in your daily diet instead of white bread and white pasta. This will help you avoid energy slumps.
9. Boost energy with a super salad of sprouted seeds, pulses plus your choice of fresh brightly coloured vegetables andy a source of protein.
10. Relax and de-stress, pregnant is a time to put your needs first because this will help your baby. Do a bit less and take time each day to just breath deeply, to stretch and relax. You may want to try pre natal yoga, mediation or even a soak in a warm bath will help.

Foods to avoid: raw fish, under cooked meat, blue or rinded cheese, soft eggs, some ice-creams if made with raw eggs. 

Other suggestions that may you feel your best during pregnancy:

Exercise is generally recommended, especially if you already did it pre pregnancy. During the second trimester you should have more energy so exercise will be more appealing. By improving muscle tone in your back and legs it will make you more comfortable as you get bigger. It is best to get advice on what to do from a trainer a the gym who knows how to adapt exercises for pregnancy. I found that working with a personal trainer helped me feel more confident on exercise and made me much more aware of my posture. If you are fit then labour will be easier and your energy levels will be higher.

Sleep might have become more disturbed and laying on the left hand side can get uncomfortable. I am using a pregnancy pillow which has made me much more comfortable and it stops you rolling onto your back. If you are waking to go to the toilet this may be inevitable but you can help reduce the number of trips but not drinking too much in the hour or two before bed and ensuring that you empty your bladder before you go to sleep. My tip would be go twice before bed and tip forward as you bladder may be at a new angle to make room for the baby!

Pregnancy Nutrition packages

Nutritio offers pregnancy packages that give you one appointment per trimester allowing you to adapt your diet for your baby’s changing needs as it grows. In between appointments you can use our email service to ask any questions that come up to help ensure that you feel reassured at every stage. For more information read our pregnancy content.

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