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Pregnancy is a good time to be pampered

During pregnancy we are advised to rest when we need to and to stay as relaxed as possible. Keeping stress levels under control will be better for your baby and reduce chances of having a premature birth and high blood pressure. There are many things we can do each day to encourage low stress levels such as taking time to read, soak in the bath and exercise. Ensuring you eat regular meals and snacks is also important because it keeps your blood sugar balanced which allows you to cope better with everyday stress inducing situations. I also recommend treating yourself to pregnancy massage or reflexology. Be sure to choose a therapist who specialises in pregnancy. If I find a therapist who I recommended and who works locally to Nutritio in South West London I will talk about them on my blog.

Reflexology with Jill Price from Nightingale Reflexology

I have been having some treatments with Jill since before I was pregnant and I highly recommend her. After a treatment with Jill I feel deeply relaxed and usually sleep very well that night. Reflexology is often recommended both before and during pregnancy to promote relaxation, reduce headaches any other general aches and pains associated with carrying your baby. There is more information on Jill’s Nightingale Reflexology website about why it is recommended during pregnancy and even labour. Jill is a very calm and sensitive therapist and after the treatment she will tell you if she picked up on anything in particular as she worked around your feet. Reflexologists use your feet to treat you very gently because they see them as a map of all your body, this means they are able to work on specific areas if you are suffering from anything in particular.

Treat yourself to a massage or reflexology, your body and baby will thank you.

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