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“When I first met Jo I was desperate. I had tried all avenues of help that I could think of until my friend suggested I get in contact with a nutritionist, and gave me Jo’s number.

I was sceptical and my belief was that I had a healthy diet and was getting what I needed from the food that I ate. Jo has re-educated my opinion and more importantly put me on a road to recovery when no-one else could.

Step by step she has helped me work out what was wrong. I was suffering with dizziness, incredibly lethargic, lack of concentration and being able to cope, bleeding heavily and in incredible pain most of the month or drained. This was a hopeless situation especially with a young family. I had visited my local surgery on numerous occasions but no doctor was able to offer a solution that worked.

It transpired that I had Endometriosis and in the end I decided to have a Hysterectomy. Jo thankfully helped me cope with the symptoms until this diagnosis was reached. The reason I had a Hysterectomy was because I had finished having my family, I was 40 and it was severe. However, a Hysterectomy can bring a set of different symptoms and so it is not a decision to be taken lightly. I am now pain free which is unbelievably liberating but I then started to experience problems with intercourse such as lack of lubrication and the skin was easily irritated. I tried topical lubricants but these didn’t seem to really help; I was so upset. I had traded one set of problems with some different ones and was losing something important in my relationship with my husband. Again, Jo rescued me and has offered solutions to these problems along with a different choice of HRT from my doctor.

Finally, Jo has helped follow a low-gi diet. Whilst I was making good choices, there was room for improvement and Jo has suggested some foods that I would never have discovered without her help.

Thank you Jo! Don’t go anywhere – I need you.”

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