Family health
My skin is the best its been in ages and quite a few people have made comments on how much better we look.

Following a good diet is essential for all the family whether you are 1 or 100. Nutritio can help you identify small changes to your daily diet that will make big differences to your health.

You don’t have to wait to be ill to come and see a nutritional therapist, food can be a powerful tool that will keep you and your family healthy. In some countries it is considered essential to see a naturopath or complementaty therapist every year just for a check up and review. The more you can do to improve your health the less at risk you are from illness.

Working with families
You can come in and see us to discuss your family’s diet or we can come to you and go through your fridge and cupboards, discuss menus or even go shopping together to find new healthy items to fill your trolley with. Sometimes it is just a case of exploring some new ideas for recipes or dispelling myths to get you on track to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition and babies

Generally breast milk is considered the ideal food for your baby, it will be more nutritious that many formula products. Some women will experience problems with breastfeeding like sore nipples or infection or not being able to produce enough or any milk. A nutritional therapist will be able to give you some practical advice to help with these situations. If you cannot breast feed at all then some advise on choosing the right formula and adding some nutritional supplements will ensure that your baby gets off to a good start.

If you baby experiences any allergic reactions or develops eczema a nutrition can play a very important in correcting this as very often eliminating something in your diet or changing their formula will help.

There is lots of different advise out there on when and how to wean. Typically 6 months is the ideal time as this is when most babies will grow their first teeth. It is a gradual process for both you and your baby, if you stop breastfeeding too quickly your nipples may become sore and engorged and your baby needs time to adjust to solid food. We can discuss different approaches to weaning in a private consultation where we can agree what will suit you, your baby and your lifestyle.

For information about baby led weaning read this article on Netmums. This particular approach is just one option and is potentially quite different to what you may be used to but I have seen babies thrive and thoroughly enjoy the process of discovering food.

Nutrition and children

Nutrition can help your child flourish and get more out of their life. By choosing the right foods they can think more clearly, be calmer, grow stronger and concentrate allowing them learn and develop. Getting children to eat food that is good for them might not always be easy, but, there are ways to change their minds and get greater variety into their diets. Food is also a wonderful medicine and can help boost children’s health and reduce symptoms in conditions such eczema and asthma.

From the age of 1 infants should be moving to the same diet as the family, from 2 years old children should be fully on the same diet. Nutrient requirements remain high right through childhood from 0-16 years to support growth, learning and development. Nutrition for children can be more of a challenge than with babies as eating is not always under parents control with nursery, socialising, school and parties. For the times that you can control what your children eat you can focus on making sure that they are getting all the important nutrients, then at the other times you can be a bit more flexible. Working with a qualified nutritionist you can learn more about the food children need, how to boost their immunity and clever ways of getting extra fruit and veg into them.

Nutrition can play a role in supporting children with Autism or other behavioural conditions. Nutritio works with parents and children to help them understand why they need to make changes to their diet to help them feel better.

Nutrition and teens

During the teenage years diet can be at the centre of many emotional and physical issues from eating disorders to acne. With hormones, stress and emotions all in full force you need tools to help you gain some control. Developing a healthy attitude to food at this age can make all the difference to your metabolism, ability to concentrate and learn and to your future health as an adult. A strong digestive and immune system can help prevent and heal skin conditions like acne, psoriasis and eczema.

Events and talks

If you would like Nutritio to come to your nursery, playschool or school to talk about diet and nutrition please get in touch.