Frequently asked questions

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition and health science to enable individuals to maximise their health potential. Nutritional therapy can help alleviate or remedy a wide range of health conditions and can play a role in prevention of disease and in optimising health and well-being.

In practice Nutritional therapy uses food and supplements to enhance health and well-being. The nutrients in food have a powerful effect on the body and, when used in the right way, bring about huge changes. It is not about cutting out all of those foods which you enjoy or going on a crash diet: it is about a much more long-term regime and balanced approach to everyday healthy eating. It is a tool that can be used to bring you to optimum health, or to achieve optimum sports performance. Nutritional therapists offer bespoke diet and lifestyle plans tailored to an individual’s needs.

What do Nutritional Therapists do?

Nutritional therapy practitioners are fully independent professionals who assess the whole health status of the individual and work with the client to achieve and maintain health through nutritional means. They often work with clients who have chronic health problems that conventional medicine sometimes finds difficult to treat. These include allergies, digestive and bowel disorders, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, depression or stress, auto-immune conditions, migraine and skin disorders. Increasingly, parents with an overweight child and/or a child with learning and behavioural difficulties may seek to support their child with nutritional therapy.

What is Nutritio?

Nutritio is a nutritional therapy business offering private consultations, weight loss programmes and business consultancy.

Can I use nutrition alongside conventional treatment?

Yes, nutrition can be a wonderful addition to your treatment plan and path to health. Very often an integrated approach to healthcare and medicine will be most effective. If you are seeing a consultant or GP about your condition you are advised to tell them that you are also seeing a nutritionist. We are very open to working alongside any other complementary or allopathic specialist.

Do you do telephone consultations?

Nutritio offers both Skype and telephone consultations for clients unable to visit the South London clinic.

Can you do home visits?

In certain circumstances we will offer home visits so please do get in touch to ask us if this is possible for you.

Do you offer a weightloss plan?

Nutritio offers a 14-day detox plan which is a useful starting pointing to embarking on a new healthy lifestyle. Very often our clients will lose weight naturally as they start to follow the nutrition advice given in their consultations. We don’t believe in ‘diets’ as they rarely have any positive or lasting effect. We build plans based on glycemic load and protein requirements, we will not focus on calorie counting or weights and measures. The aim is to bring your body into balance.

Do you use tests?

When appropriate we may recommend that you have a test to identify a deficiency, an allergy or toxin level and to measure hormones or digestive efficiency. We currently work with Genova Diagnostics for the majority of our testing requirements. The right test allows us to identify issues and treat more accurately, thus improving your results.