14-Day Detox Programme
My husband and I have just finished Nutritio's 14-day detox plan and highly recommend it! The best thing is that it is very balanced and realistic and so quite easy to follow. We both feel lighter and less bloated, have rediscovered a greater variety of healthier foods and now have some better habits (particularly to do with wine, enough said!). Thanks Jo!
This 14 day detox was the perfect plan for me, it helped me realise where I was going wrong with my diet. I loved having the recipes to follow it made it so much easier.

To kick start a new healthy regime or to lose weight and boost energy before a special event try the Nutritio 14-day detox:

Detoxing and the Nutritio 14-day plan

Leading busy lifestyles can often leave little time for looking after your health. This can result in poor immunity, indigestion, mood swings and weight gain. The Liver plays an essential role in breaking down all the toxins that we come into contact with each day and without the right care and attention it can become less efficient and leave us feeling a bit sluggish and toxic. By cleaning up the diet and using specific supplements you will feel lighter, cleaner and have more energy.

The Nutritio 14-day plan is designed to produce quick and lasting results. During the programme you will begin to revise your approach to eating in a way that will stay with you for long after the intial two week period.

It has been designed to adjust your metabolism to burn fat and balance blood sugar bringing you greater energy and a leaner body. It will improve digestive health, boost essential nutrients, support the liver and reduce cravings. The 14-day plan is manageable and effective, it means that you are not on an endless diet that deprives you of your favourite foods and makes it difficult to eat anywhere but home. After the initial fourteen days you have an option to finish and move on to the maintenance plan or to enter into another 14-day plan to bring you closer to your goals. The plan has been designed in a way that keeps your metabolism guessing because you are changing your daily intake of calories and food types every seven days whilst also bringing balance through regular eating and hydration.

Nutritionist Joanna Lyall has designed this plan with the knowledge that in order to lose weight and change shape permanently you must balance hormones and blood sugar whilst supporting and nourishing the digestive system. The Nutritio 14-day plan is not a quick fix diet, it is an educational and inspiring experience that will change your attitude to food and give you the body and energy that you desire.

With the Nutritio 14 day detox you can lose weight and change your body shape whilst following a manageable, highly nutritious and enjoyable eating plan. Nutritio recognise that life can’t stop for two weeks so the plan is flexible enough to allow you to eat out and buy lunch when you are busy at work.

Signing up to the 14-Day Detox. You have two options available:

14-day detox plan: basic package: £29

Includes the Nutritio14-day plan e-book containing full instructions and details on recommended supplements to enhance results. Plus you also get 30 minutes of support from Joanna the Nutritio Nutritional Therapist via email to ask questions, allowing you to personalise your programme to ensure that you get maximum results.


14-Day Detox in a box: premium package: £150

Delivered to your door, the Nutritio 14-day detox in a box package comes with everything you need to get results. It includes a book explaining how the plan works with detailed instructions on what
to do each day and recipe suggestions. It also contains a personal supplement programme; top quality, high performance supplements that that will enhance your results at each stage of the programme, plus a detoxifying flower remedy, Neals Yard digestive tea, whey powder and snack bars. During your detox our Nutritional Therapist Joanna will be on hand via the telephone or email for any support or motivation that you might need. Before you begin your programme, you can talk to Joanna to review your goals and current state of health to adapt the plan where necessary.