Nutrition services for business
I am a full time class teacher working in a primary school, also having a coordination role. I love my job but find it very demanding and stressful. I was having problems sleeping not only getting to sleep but also waking up. I got into a habit of sleeping with a notepad next to my bed and taking sleeping tablets. The more I worried about the lack of sleep the more I couldn't sleep. At work I was feeling very anxious and would find myself getting clammy and shaky. It got to the point where I felt unable to cope. I had a consultation with Joanna Lyall who talked through my concerns and drew up an action plan focusing mainly on the sleep. Joanna gave me some remedies that I started to take straight away. Within two weeks I noticed a considerable improvement not only with my sleep problem but also with the general anxiety. I now feel much more able to cope and am once again enjoying my career. All thanks to Jo. I would definitely recommend Joanna to my friends.

Healthier brands, energised workforces and nutritionally balanced menus. Nutritio works with businesses to help inspire employees to change their diet, to communicate product health benefits and to build healthier recipes or menus.

Advertising and product consultancy

Joanna has over a decade of experience of working with brands in advertising and marketing. She has combined this experience with her nutrition knowledge to help brands communicate their health benefits in an accurate and easy to understand way. Joanna has recently worked with Nelsons Natural World on their Spatone product leaflets and co produced a pregnancy nutrition quiz.

Menu planning

If you own a restaurant or run a catering service building nutritional information into your menu can be very valuable to your customers. These days consumers are expecting to be offered healthier options and detailed information on nutritional value. Nutritio will work with you to help you adjust your menu or recipes to ensure that you are delivering on what your customers want improving your relationship and their loyalty.

Staff wellbeing

More businesses are recognising the importance of their staff’s wellbeing and investing in services that contribute to a happier and more productive work place. When employees are eating well stress levels decrease and productivity increases. Following the right diet aids concentration, increases energy and avoids mood swings. Nutritio offers a series of talks that aim to educate your staff on how changing their diet can improve their everyday life.

For example, Boosting energy and concentration at work

This hour long session will give staff an improved understanding on how food can affect your moods, emotions, concentration and energy levels. It will help address some common questions about how people may feel during the day at work and they can take away some simple practical advice that will make a difference.

In the talk we cover how to:

  • Create more energy during the day and avoid the afternoon dip
  • Cope with stress better and counteract its negative effects on health
  • Have more balanced moods throughout the day
  • Improve your concentration at work and develop a better memory

Media services

Joanna is available to comment on news articles or contribute to editorial.