Our services

If you are looking to improve your health through diet then book in to see Joanna Lyall for a nutrition consultation in Wandsworth, SW London. In a private consultation Joanna will listen to your goals, learn about your current health and medical history then devise a bespoke plan for diet, supplements and lifestyle. Continue reading

Optimum nutrition before, during and after pregnancy to ensure that both mum and baby are healthy and happy. At each stage of pregnancy your nutrition needs will change, the nutritio pregnancy plan will help you feel your best and leave you confident that your baby is getting what it needs to develop and flourish. Continue reading

If you are looking to lose weight you can sign up for our 14-Day Detox plan or book in for a private consultation for a longer term and personalised programme. Continue reading

To kick start a new healthy regime or to loose weight and boost energy before a special event try the Nutritio 14-day detox, a manageable, highly nutritious and enjoyable eating plan. We recognise that life can’t stop for two weeks so the plan is flexible enough to allow you to eat out and buy lunch when you are busy at work. Continue reading

If you are looking to improve your family’s everyday diet and health then invite Nutritio to come to your home and help you plan simple and enjoyable menus that all the family can enjoy. We also offer consultations for individual members of your family to focus in on specific issues. We work with both children and adults to improve health by adjusting the diet, whether you are dealing with fussy eaters, behavioural problems or battling with the stress and strain from everyday life then Nutritio can offer some support and guidance. Continue reading

If you are looking to improve your employees wellbeing or to better communicate your products nutritional value then Nutritio can help you. We work with businesses to inspire and educate employees to change their diet, with marketing teams to communicate product health benefits and with restaurants to build healthier recipes or menus. Continue reading