Jo gave me helpful nutritional advice through each trimester of my pregnancy, from helping me eat well to manage morning sickness in the first trimester, to eating the most nutritional foods for my baby's development and my own energy and health. She gave me fantastic suggestions for common pregnancy problems like constipation and extreme tiredness. I would really recommend taking her pregnancy package as soon as you get pregnant."

Nutritio specialises in enhancing women’s health through food and lifestyle. Our diet affects not only the way we look but also how we feel, function and thrive.

Pregnancy & Fertility

Balanced nutrition is vital pre, during and post pregnancy. Simple changes to your diet can help ensure that both mother and baby stay healthy. Working with a qualified Nutritional Therapist you can safely enhance your body’s ability to cope with the changes, allowing you to enjoy being pregnant and becoming a mother.

In the run up to becoming pregnant it is advised to boost your diet with key nutrients and supplements that both improve fertility and give you and your baby the best start. Ideally a fertility nutrition plan should be followed for 3-6 months. Changes in diet and lifestyle are not just for women but also for men. Around 25% of fertility problems can be associated with men, it is important to eat the right foods and take supplements to enhance the quality and quantity of fertile sperm.

During pregnancy itself your body will be under more strain than usual and will be requiring more nutrients than normal to allow your foetus to grow and develop into a healthy baby. You are laying the foundations for the health of your child so this time it is very important to feed your body and mind in the right way. Nutrition can help relieve and avoid constipation, digestive complaints, stretch marks, varicose veins, anaemia and other symptoms that are often associated with pregnancy. Throughout each trimester as you baby develops your diet can be reviewed and revised to ensure that baby gets everything they need and that you feel strong and energised.

After the birth your body needs to adjust once more whilst also continuing to feed your baby. Nature has a way of prioritising the baby when it comes to high value nutrients so you will need to top up on certain things like essential fats and pure water. The baby gets it?s immunity from you so taking a probiotic can be very helpful during breastfeeding and if your baby was delivered through caesarean you may consider giving these directly to your baby, you must seek advice from a qualified Nutritionist before you do either of these things. During breastfeeding you will also need to drink extra water because your baby will be taking some away in the breast milk. Nutrition will bring some support to other related conditions like post-natal depression.

Nutritio offers fertility and pregnancy packages that offer you support and guidance throughout.

I went to see Joanna once every trimester, so that she could tell me which foods I should be eating. Also, I wanted to know which supplements I should be taking. I remember Joanna saying that I'd reap the rewards of being nutritious during pregnancy when my baby was born because she'd sleep better and be generally calmer. And I have to say, Joanna was right! Baby is a great sleeper and easy going. She was also born with perfect skin, with not a bit of cradle cap in sight. I highly recommend Joanna for pregnancy. In fact, I tell all the pregnant women I meet about her."
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