Prices & packages
All is going very well. I have been following the diet you recommended and already can feel the difference it's making on my body. The most noticeable thing are my nails, they are super strong and shinning, actually I have never had nails this strong! My body is (finally) getting a bit more toned and my sugar cravings have practically disappeared.

Your first appointment will be your initial consultation and should allow up to one and half hours. Subsequent treatments sessions are usually 30-45 minutes, but can be longer depending on the nature of your nutritional therapy. The number of treatments given and treatment frequency will depend on the condition being treated. Charges also vary by appointment location.

Should you wish to change or cancel your appointment please do so with 48 hours notice as Nutritio has a waiting list and this appointment can be given to someone else. A cancellation fee of 50% will be charged with less notice and the consultation fee will be charged if you not turn up for your appointment.

Some healthcare companies will cover costs for Nutritional Therapy, this varies by provider and condition. Please let us know up front if your healthcare company is prepared to cover your costs.

There will be additional charges for diagnostic testing. Nutritio works with Genova Diagnostics and all prices can be found on their website:

For any questions or appointment enquires please contact me via the form or email or call 020 8133 6271.

Consultation types


Initial consultation Balham (Nutritio and Treat)
60 minute consultation
45 minute consultation
30 minute consultation
Home visit in SW London
Referral or GP letter
Telephone/email consultation (per 15 mins)
14-day Detox package (find out more)


Pregnancy package – 1 consultation per trimester
Fertility consultation for both partners
14 Day Detox – consultation + email support